Totally Secure and Customized
Video Conferencing
for Christian Ministries.

Every video conference will show your domain in the url section, i.e.
We guarantee your video conference will be totally secure and private.

With a live Donate Button on every video participant's page.

To provide video conferencing for Christian Ministries, that will serve Christian ministries around the world.


1. Our Customers Comes First

We will always strive to serve our customers in a professional and courteous manner.

2. We Embrace Change And Encourage Innovation

We don’t fear failure
We dedicate ourselves to growth and learning.
We embrace the evolution of video conferencing and the educational platforms we are developing, in ways that make us a model for sustainability, creativity, innovation, & excellence.

3. Anything Is Possible
We value the power of “Why Not?”

We aim high and push ourselves to be the best at what we do.
We want to work with people who push themselves to be the best.

4. Together We Build better technology that will serve the world of communications.

We thrive as a workplace because we encourage diversity of thought, opinion, and perspective.
We behave in ways that demonstrate respect for our colleagues and the community at large.
We are inclusive, compassionate, considerate, and mutually supportive.
We are dedicated to bringing the gospel to the world

5. Bring Your Passion

We work at Empower because we want and choose to be here and not because we have to.
Our passion drives teamwork and collaboration.
Passion drives us to maintain a high level of quality in everything we do.

6. Have Fun

We never take ourselves too seriously.
We are committed to excellence with a sense of fun.
Fun works hand-in-hand with creativity. Humor can be a launch pad for ideas.

Totally Secure and Customized
Video Conferencing for Christian Ministries.
Video conferencing for Christian Ministries.
$200 per month for a
customized video conference system for your Ministry